Our journey

Our expertise, developed in years of experience working at companies and in advising industries of small, medium and large size and professional relations acquired over the years, are available to customers, who are looking for a qualified support (Ereisma) dealing with tax and legal issues both domestically and in relations with foreign countries.

Why Ereisma

“Ereisma” is a word that means “Support” and that, in ancient Greek, is used in the phrase “rush to aid “. When thinking of a name that could represent us we drew our inspiration from the roots of our language, our Western thought, ancient Greek, and a term that could sum up the spirit in which the aggregation of our professionalism was born. Hence the choice of being identified as Ereisma, since what we want to express is a professional service and support to customers looking for advice in order to develope their business.

The Firm

The advantages of an integrated consultancy

The combination of our expertise comes from the need to offer to 
clients diversified services, in accordance with their needs in different tax,
 legal and corporate areas. Being convinced that constant education and comparison
 with other high standing professionals are key elements
 to provide consultancy, we have since years been engaged in 
teaching on behalf of prestigious educational institutions, members of audit committees
 of banks and listed companies and, more recently, components of
 study commissions within  local and national professional bodies, 
and lecturers in university seminars.

Practice Areas

 Following advices are available for our clients:

  • Assistance in legal and tax matters, both local and international
  • Tax planning
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements according to italian GAAP and international standards IAS / IFRS
  •  Tax planning for the management of personal assets
  •  Surveys and assessments of business tax and corporate
  •  Adoption and implementation of organizational models ex DLgs 231/01
  •  Specific and personal training in the areas mentioned above.